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About Sean Klein Media Ltd

SeanKlein Media draws on more than twenty years’ experience with the world’s most famous broadcaster – the BBC – to bring you a first-class, professional media service.  Clients appreciate our expert knowledge of the EU environment; our contacts at the highest levels of the EU, European governments, industry and commerce; our flexibility; and our attention to detail.  We will make your event run smoothly.  We will train and encourage your teams.  And we will give you the inside knowledge to work more effectively in the media landscape.

What we do

We offer a range of media services to help you navigate your way through the latest media scene: from TV – to event moderation – to the effective use of social media.  Our range of activities includes:

Event Moderation

Sean Klein provides a highly professional service, working closely with you to ensure your event runs smoothly and you create the impact you want.  Using his twenty years of experience as a broadcaster, Sean brings his presentation, editorial and interview skills to your event, ensuring that your speakers feel comfortable delivering their presentations and your audiences take away clear messages.

Media Strategy

SeanKlein Media will help you develop a media strategy that will give your message maximum impact.  SeanKlein Media provides editorial guidance, copy editing, promotional film production and much more.

Master Classes

Throughout Sean’s BBC career he was involved in all aspects of broadcasting and journalism.  He was also responsible for training large teams in news skills.  Sean now brings together this experience to offer you a range of master classes and one-on-one media training, with particular emphasis on reporting the EU, interview techniques, script writing and the use of Social Media as a news tool.

Radio / TV / Online Production

If you are planning to produce items for broadcast or online publication, SeanKlein Media can guide you through the entire process, from ideas generation, to research, to production, to final edit.  We will work closely with you to ensure your material is first-class, your teams are fully trained, and you are ready to ‘go live’.

Sean’s blog

Migration : a very personal view

Migration – Then and Now: A Personal Response to Today’s Crisis

Earlier this year a relative of mine was going through the possessions of my late German grandfather. She found a curious document, folded and slightly faded. As she unfurled it, the faces of more than 50 men stared out at her. […]

In Response to Robin Lustig’s Piece: “My Father Was An Illegal Immigrant”

It’s good to see so many people engaging in the debate – although some seem to have as much of a problem with the BBC as with the issue of Immigration!

The subject of immigration has been much on my mind too, not least as, somewhat akin to Robin, I too have a parent who came to Britain in search of refuge.

My father is an ethnic German. […]

UK’s EU Referendum: Fiction or Fantasy?

Children – and even some ‘grown up children’ – could be forgiven for thinking that a scary monster may lurk in the big, hidden house at the end of the long, straight drive nestled in the Chiltern Hills. Or may be it’s a Big Giant – friendly or otherwise – who is coming to call this evening? […]

Who we are

Sean Klein founded SeanKlein Media Ltd in 2013.  Sean works with a network of multi-lingual colleagues across Europe to provide the company’s highly skilled and broad range of media services.

Sean began his career as a conference interpreter, working in English, French, German and Italian.  In 1993 he completed an additional degree in broadcast journalism and moved to the BBC, working as a TV and radio news reporter and producer.  He transferred to the BBC’s foreign news department in 2000, travelling across the world to produce news items for all the BBC’s flagship programmes – including BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and BBC1’s Ten O’clock News. He also managed large news teams on breaking news stories. The stories he covered include:

  • US presidential elections (2000)
  • 9/11
  • Asian tsunami
  • Death of Jean Paul II
  • Abduction of Madeleine McCann
  • Parliamentary and presidential elections across Europe
  • Mugabe’s Zimbabwe
  • Russia in the mid 2000s
  • Euro crisis
  • …and many more.

2003: Sean began work at the BBC’s Brussels Bureau, which is the BBC’s European news hub for its reporting across the EU.  He covered EU policy issues and all major news stories across Europe.

2009: Sean was appointed Bureau Chief for Europe, managing a team throughout the EU and beyond of 65+ staff – reporters; technical and production crews; and the administrative team.

SeanKlein Media’s network of highly skilled production, editorial and technical specialists can now provide you with a cutting-edge media service.

What our clients say about us

How to contact us

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SeanKlein Media Ltd is based in London and Brussels. 
The company works with a network of professionals across Europe. 
We are also happy to travel to other parts of the world to work with you.